Nightlife in Temple Bar

Whilst Temple Bar has a huge array of attractions it is undoubtedly most famous for its wonderful and varied array of nightlife attractions. If you go to any of Temple Bar’s pubs or nightclubs you will find residents and holiday makers making friends and enjoying the wonderful nightlife opportunities that abound in this famous district.

For anyone who wants to travel abroad for their Stag or Hen celebrations Temple Bar is a the perfect choice. Temple Bar has a pub on every corner and offers the opportunity to create your own pub-crawl, you can end this imaginative pub crawl with a visit to any of the host of nightclubs that dot Temple Bar and bring the area to life every night of the year.

If you are visiting Temple Bar on a budget, then you should be aware that Temple Bar has a deserved reputation for inflated beer prices; this part of Dublin is synonymous with tourists and like most major cities Dublin employs a district that is tailored to part tourists from their hard-earned cash – in Dublin’s case this district is temple bar. However, for the discerning visitor there are plenty of cheaper options that are more authentically ‘Irish’ due to being frequented by Dublin residents who are much less likely to fall for the tourist traps in their own backyard.

An easy way to beat the tourist trap that is Temple Bar is to go to one of the bars which are just outside the boundaries of Temple Bar proper. An excellent choice for a night out is the International Bar on Wicklow Street, which is between the South Georgian district and Temple Bar. Due to being outside the bounds of Temple bar this pub tends to get missed by most holiday makers so you are most likely to meet Dublin residents during your visit.

The Turk’s Head is an excellent and cheap bar to watch a live game of sport and enjoy a cheap pint. During certain hours you can pick up a pint of Guinness here for just 3.70 Euros. The pub is lively in the evenings and has a good mix of residents of and visitors to Dublin.

In the afternoons pubs like The Porterhouse, The Temple Bar Pub and The Foggy Dew lead the way for LIVE MUSIC in Temple Bar, and most of it is either traditional or cutting edge, performed by local artists and bands.

In the evenings and at night the traditional live music gives way to a louder and recorded style in the Nightclubs and bars of Temple Bar. Nights out in Temple Bar tend to be raucous affairs and you can take your pick – there is something to suit every taste, as long as your tastes are loud.