Historic Pubs in Dublin

The Brazen Head

The Brazen Head is Dublin’s oldest pub. Its history, but not all of its architecture, stretches all the way back to 1198. It is situated just opposite The River Liffey, on Bridge Street, towards Usher’s Island. Its entrance is a huge archway through an ancient turreted wall. Tourists will soon sense that they are stepping into not only a pub but a great slice of Dublin’s history. In the courtyard there is a beautiful stone-floored beer garden – truly one of Dublin’s finest. The courtyard in Summer will not only be frequented by holidaymakers but also local Irish residents. Inside, the pub has three bars which serve reasonably priced drinks and you can choose a meal from their award-winning menu. The walls of the bar are tastefully and interestingly decorated – a real treat for those who enjoy a good-looking pub. The Brazen Head also enjoys well noted traditional music evenings and Irish dancing. Relaxing while enjoying the food, drink and culture within the Brazen Head is one of the best ways for visitors to spend an afternoon or evening in Dublin.

Throughout its history The Brazen Head has been a regular stopping point for many of Dublin’s famous literary and musical figures. So, among the other tourists and the native Irish people, you may find yourself unwittingly chatting to one of Ireland’s famous folk.