Pubs with accommodation in Dublin city centre

The Oliver St John Gogarty

This pub serves as a hostel and a hotel plus an excellent venue for sampling traditional Irish music and culture. Its location in the heart of Temple Bar makes it an ideal base from which to enjoy your Dublin holiday. Depending on the time of year, you can generally book a private room to yourself for well under 100 Euros or a bed within a shared room for as little as 10 Euros. Their website also promises a free drink for new arrivals.

The Oliver St John Gogarty is one of Dublin’s most recognisable pubs, spanning five floors. The ground floor is a bright green pub – it’s very large and is a great spot to relax in and enjoy the first Guinness of your trip. Towards the evening, the bar gets more crowded as tourists will be joined by the native Dublin population to share an evening of fun, beer and music.

The first floor has an area for eating, whilst the 2nd and 3rd floors up encompass the building’s hostel and hotel rooms. The hostel accommodation is very affordable for even the tightest budget at 12 Euros including Bed and Breakfast, if you are willing to share an 8 person room. Then in stark contrast to the budget accommodation below, the 5th floor offers swanky penthouse apartments that still manage to maintain a traditional feel.

The Oliver St John Gogarty is an excellent choice for those making their first trip to Dublin. By staying at ‘the Gogarty’ you will be close to the heartbeat of Dublin: Temple Bar. You will also get to experience all aspects of the Dublin experience at Gogarty’s. The Oliver St John Gogarty truly covers all bases for a holiday in Dublin, with affordable accommodation (and luxury accommodation), traditional food, live music, dance and Guinness all of a good standard, all under the one roof!

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