Welcome to Dublin Ireland

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and makes an outstanding place for all breaks that are important to you.

Getting to Dublin by Flight or Ferry

There are two main ways of getting to Dublin:

  • These days the most most popular way is to fly.
  • The most fun method is to take one of the ferries which run frequently from many ports in England and Wales.

There are numerous ferry ports in the UK that take holiday makers to and from Dublin every day. Due to the proximity of South East Ireland to Wales, and Dublin to Liverpool, most of the ferry journeys from the UK to Ireland pass between these two places.

Getting around in Dublin

Is this your first holiday in Dublin? What are you looking to get out of your Dublin holiday? No matter what your purpose for visiting Dublin; be it a stag weekend, a short trip or break, or an extended holiday, there will be a district that perfectly matches your tastes.

The Luas

The Luas is the best means of getting around within the city. The Luas is a light rail tram system that is both cost and time effective. An all day ticket can be purchased for just over 6 Euros. This is a really cheap way for you to get around the city, whilst avoiding waiting for buses, or getting stuck in a queue whilst on one.


DublinBikes is a new initiative that encourages visitors and residents to travel around the city on bicycles. There are 40 bike stations in the city where you can hire a bike to travel around. We recommend hiring a bike and cycling along the Liffey. Or you could cycle to one of Dublin’s famous parks, such as Phoenix Park and St Stephen’s Green.


The O’Connell Monument
If you like to absorb a city’s culture and, in Dublin’s case, you want to sample the ‘craic’ and legendary traditional nightlife then North of the River Liffey is a good choice for you to base your holiday in. The Northside also boasts a huge array of cultural and historical attractions that will keep your holiday interesting.

Temple Bar

Temple Bar
If you are travelling to Dublin for a Stag Weekend then Temple Bar with its eclectic mix of pubs and clubs is the perfect destination for you and your fellow revellers.

Georgian Quarter

Fitzwilliam Square
Southside Dublin’s Georgian Quarter combines luscious green city centre parks in the form of the famous St Stephen’s Green and it’s less popular but equally beautiful neighbour Merrion Square. During your holiday a trip to at least one of these squares is a must. Trinity College – Ireland’s oldest university – also forms part of the Georgian Quarter and houses Ireland’s oldest book: the fascinating and mysterious Book of Kells, written around 800 AD by Celtic monks – a perfectly preserved book with its wonderful illustrations is a stunning relic of Ireland’s past and is an absolute ‘must see’.

Medieval Quarter

The O’Donovan Rossa Bridge leading to the Four Courts
If you like to learn about the history of a city you are touring, then you could choose to stay near Dublin Castle and the two beautiful Medieval Churches – St Patrick’s and Christ Church Cathedral – all of which are located in the Medieval Quarter.

DART North

The highlight of the Dart’s Northern journey is the beautiful town of Howth. Howth, with its Yachts, sailboats and stunning views of the Irish sea is a perfect spot to spend a day relaxing and enjoying a gentle stroll.

DART South

If you prefer swimming in seas than rivers take the Dart (a tram that extends North and South along the Dublin coast) south to Sandycove and try out the Forty Foot, which is a swimming place that has been used by Dubliners and holidaymakers fro 250 years – Dart South. A wonderful little coastal town called Bray is a bit further on along the Dublin coast and the walk from this town to Greystones, makes up a beautiful coastal walk.

The Quays

The Quays of the River Liffey in Dublin
The River Liffey is the artery that divides the city of Dublin into the distinct areas of Northside and Southside, it is also a hive of activity which unites the city with a unique continental vibe. In the Summer months particularly the Quays are a great place to walk, eat, stay, and possibly – if you are brave – try out some water sports, for example, the annual River Liffey swim.

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Hotels & Holidays in Dublin

The River Liffey ends its journey from the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland’s hidden-gem of a capital city. Much of Dublin’s fame and beauty can be associated back to the beautiful river fronts, and relaxed way of life that the River Liffey brings to Dublin.

With a scenic cosmopolitan atmosphere and the relaxed mood that it garners – all within a short train journey from any major UK city – Dublin deserves recognition as the undisputed low-cost holiday destination of choice for British holidaymakers seeking last-minute, affordable holidays with minimal fuss and maximal reward.

Dublin is an astoundingly attractive European destination for Brits venturing beyond the UK’s borders – for anything from business trips to holidays – even cruises, seen as Dublin is Ireland’s primary port. It’s of no surprise too, that Dublin is of special interest to those in search of cheap breaks – holidaymakers who don’t mind the extra mileage of a trip to France for example, because much like that trip to France, a budget holiday to Dublin can be just as cheap and just as cheerful and just as close to home while matched with a lifestyle quite exotic to those as-of-yet unaccustomed to Irish culture. Budget flights to Dublin are easy to book and cheap hotels are easy to find with the help of this website, featuring many great value cheap hotels in Dublin – Ireland’s most vibrant city.

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Dublin is most famous for its interesting culture, its stunning natural beauty and its inhabitants’ sense of fun. Dublin truly is the perfect holiday destination for anyone looking for culture-rich, last-minute cheap holidays within close proximity of the UK and the European mainland.