Whether you are travelling to Dublin for a long holiday, a short break or a hen/stag weekend, you should try and fit in a trip to the delightful coastal town of Bray, which is just over the Wicklow border, but a fairly short trip on the DART from Connolly Station. Bray is only about fourteen miles from central Dublin, and to miss this town from your holiday itinerary would be a real shame. The coastal walk from Bray to Greystones is a delight, if you have the time and energy.

My Journey

A few years ago, I went on a stag weekend to Dublin and after two days and nights of partying I decided I needed a break. We were due to catch an evening flight from Dublin Airport, so that morning, after checking out of the hotel, I left my bags in a locker in Connolly Station and took the DART to Bray.

A bit hungover, tired, and having half given up on that day, I immediately perked up when the DART began to find its way along the coast. With each wave that I saw crashing into the shoreline my spirits elevated. And then I arrived. As I left the station and took a big gulp of that sea air I knew that Bray would prove to be the best memory of that weekend break in Dublin.

A view of Bray from the DART
A view of Bray from the DART. You will notice the long sand and shingle beach, and beyond them the Dublin mountains. Bray is a beautiful and peaceful town with rugged yet manageable countryside sitting on its doorstep.

I walked over to the mile-long promenade and climbed down the steps to the beach where I began a stroll towards the far end, and towards the Dublin mountains, which rise up out of, and overlook, the Irish sea – towards an invisible Welsh coastline.

Beach at Bray
The beach at Bray, which leads to the Dublin Mountains

When I came to the end of the beach, I climbed the stairs at the end of the promenade and found myself at the foot of the Dublin Mountains. There I found several well worn, winding paths that lead to the summit of Bray Head. The one I chose was surrounded by trees, bushes and other vegetation.

The walk up Bray Head
As you climb Bray Head the sea is hidden by an ocean of flowers and trees.

As I closed in on the summit, the greenery suddenly receded and a beautiful, blue vista of sparkling sea opened before me on the east, whilst to the south I could see the tall mountains of Wicklow.

View of Wicklow Mountains from Bray Head
This is a view of the Wicklow Mountains from the top of Bray Head. The cross marks the summit of Bray Head.
The ocean at Bray Head
A view of the ocean from Bray Head

I will always remember this view as the most pleasing during that weekend break in Dublin; and one of the best views I have seen during any trip or holiday I have had in Ireland, or anywhere else in the world.