Pubs with Live Music in Dublin


Whelan’s on Wexford Street is one of Dublin’s most famous and important venues for live music. It has played host to some of music’s most important artists including Nick Cave, Mike Mills from REM, the Arctic Monkeys and Damien Rice. Many people from overseas plan a trip to Dublin with the primary aim being to see one of their favourite musicians grace the stage at Whelan’s.

The pub has such a long and varied history that it could easily be best described as a ‘historical pub’, however, given its great relevance as a venue for both contemporary and traditional music it is impossible not to categorise this venue primarily under ‘pubs with live music’. Records of a pub on its present site stretch all the way back to the late 1700s. Like many of Dublin’s older pubs, it a has a centuries-old tradition of keeping with the times and adapting to the demands of those lucky enough to frequent it. The exterior of Whelan’s is very modest and its grey bricks would suggest it’s just another of Dublin’s many quaint and traditional family-run pubs. However, once inside this long pub, you will see that you have entered one of Dublin’s most important live music venues. Not only is the music carefully chosen, but the pub’s customers are also likely to be really knowledgeable and genuine music lovers themselves. Whelan’s is easily recommended as a watering hole for at least one of the days in your trip – with great music, good beer and a lively atmosphere, what more could you want?

Wexford Street is only two streets from St Stephen’s Green. Or, if you are travelling from Temple Bar, you can come off Dame Street at South Great George’s Street and follow this road straight, through Sráid Aungier, then cross the road and you are there.

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