The Ark – a top local attraction for children

Dublin County is one of the best destinations in the world for a family holiday: it has a host of purpose-built attractions that are pitched at children and teenagers; it has child-friendly hotels; spacious and beautiful parks, which are great for the kids to let off steam in; and, most importantly, it has many beautiful beaches and seaside towns just a tram ride away from the city centre.

The Ark is Europe’s first cultural centre that was built specifically for children. This theatre/activity centre, which is based – fittingly – in vibrant and tourist-friendly Temple Bar, provides workshops, storytelling, short plays and a host of other excellent activities pitched at children aged between 2 and 12.

Every afternoon this centre has workshops that are sometimes educational and always fun. The child will invariably have so much fun that they will not even be aware that they are learning; colourful and hands-on activities such as the ‘create a clown’ workshop concentrate on learning through fun and exploration.

Toy exhibition at The Ark

Given the popularity of the centre the cost of each workshop or show, is fairly cheap given your children will come away with something that they have made and lots of things that they have learnt.

Unlike most of Dublin’s attractions, everything in this place can be touched and experienced in a hands-on way. The centre is a must-see attraction if you are holidaying in Dublin with a young family.

The Ark is located at 11a Eustace Street, right in the heart of Temple Bar.