Attractions in Temple Bar

There are two things that Temple Bar is certainly not short of: nightclubs and cultural institutes. Either or both of these can be found on almost every street. Although Temple Bar’s cobbled streets are very old, the buildings that lie on them are not and therefore most of the attractions in Temple Bar are cultural rather than historical. Therefore, you wont find the history that makes the Northside, The Medieval District and South Georgian Dublin so fascinating; however what Temple Bar does have – and does well – is theatres, musical venues, arthouse cinemas and studios. If during your holiday you are looking to delve into modern Irish culture, rather than Irish history, then Temple Bar is the place for you.

Many of the best cultural attractions are based around Meeting House Square, which is between Eustace Street and Sycamore Street. There are also several attractions on the other sides of these streets – on the sides that face away from Meeting House Square. Eustace Street is easy to get to from the Northside. First go to the Quays and walk west towards Ha’penny Bridge. Go past the Ha’penny Bridge and cross over the next bridge: The Millenium Bridge. It’s almost impossible to miss and leads right onto Eustace Street.

The Millenium Bridge
The Millenium Bridge – it leads to many of the best cultural attractions in Temple Bar, which are in and around Eustace Street and Meeting House Square.

On Eustace Street you will find: The Temple Bar Music Centre; the Arthouse; and the Ark. Between Eustace Street and Sycamore Street you will find: The Gallery of Photography; The Irish Film Centre; and the National Photography Archive. All of these are attractions that will enrich your Dublin holiday, and give you a good impression of the thriving Irish cultural scene that is spearheaded by Temple Bar. Between Sycamore Street and the Western boundary of Temple Bar on Parliament Street you will find: the project arts centre and The Olympia music venue.

These three streets (Parliament, Eustace and Sycamore) represent the most vibrant and rich cultural areas in the whole of Ireland, if not the world.

Whilst Parliament, Eustace and Sycamore streets literally teem with cultural attractions they do not have the monopoly on Temple Bar cultural attractions. One of the best cultural attractions in Dublin is The Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, on Temple Bar Road.

During your holiday you should not be limited to the bigger, more established, cultural attractions. Every Street in Temple Bar has it’s own arty cafe, shop or gallery, and all of them will have a unique slant on what Art and Culture really means and how it can be best expressed in a modern district in a modern capital city. Many of these beguiling shops sell beautifully crafted clothes and ornaments, which can be bought at a reasonable price if you take the time to browse and choose carefully.

Temple Bar is also famous for its markets; one of the best of these is the Cow’s Lane Fashion and Design market, which is held every Saturday between 10am – 5pm. This market showcases locally designed fashion at affordable prices.