Walking Tour 1: Merrion Square, Oscar Wilde and Museums

Where will this tour start?

This tour will start from Pearse Station, and the first port of call will be Merrion Square – an absolute must-see attraction. If you have been on holiday in Dublin before and know how to get to the entrance to Merrion Square on Merrion Square West, then you can begin the tour from that point.

Sightseeing opportunities

  1. Oscar Wilde’s place of birth, 21 Westland Row
  2. Merrion Square (1752)
  3. Bernardo O’Higgins Memorial, inside Merrion Square
  4. The Rutland Fountain, inside Merrion Square (1791)
  5. Oscar Wilde Memorial, inside Merrion Square
  6. National Gallery, Merrion Square West (1859)
  7. Government Buildings, Merrion Street Upper (1922)
  8. Huguenot Cemetery, Merrion Row (1693)
  9. The National Museum, Kildare Street (1890)
  10. Leinster House, KIldare Street (1745)
  11. The former residence of Oscar Wilde, Merrion Square North

How long will this walk take?

This is entirely dependant on you. If you are on an extended holiday and have enough time you could spend a day visiting a few of the museums; or if you are in Dublin for a short break you could just enjoy the Georgian park and the Georgian architecture of the buildings that house the museums.

How much will it cost?

If you are on a tight budget, you could complete this walk entirely for free, because National Museums in Dublin are completely free. However, if you choose to buy souvenirs or visit the local cafes then you could end up spending quite a lot.

Directions – Pearse Station to Merrion Square, via the birthplace of Oscar Wilde

When you come out of Pearse Street’s station turn left. Follow the road that you are on, which is Merrion Square West.

Look out for number 21 across the road – that is the birthplace of Oscar Wilde and now home to the Oscar Wilde Centre. The house has a blue door and a plaque detailing his time spent on this street.

Continue along Westland Row until you see a fork in the road. Take the left turn which will take you into Lincoln Street West. Follow this road around until you get to Merrion Street Lower. This Street, in turn, leads on to Merrion Square West, where you will see the entrance to Merrion Square, an absolute must-see tourist attraction.

Merrion Square West Entrance Monument
Merrion Square is surrounded by a low fence. The entrances to Merrion Square from Merrion Square West are very inconspicuous and are more or less just gaps in the fence. There are two such entrances, on either side of this monument.