Best Cheap Restaurants in Dublin

Eating out in Dublin can be quite expensive, but there are a number of low-cost alternatives. In order to stick to a budget, it is best that you plan your trip in advance.

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant

One of your first ports of call might be Acapulco, which is located on South Great George Street and the wonderful Mexican food is served by friendly staff.

Carlo’s Restaurant

Carlo’s Restaurant is another solid option, which is just opposite The Spire. This restaurant boasts a wide range of both Mediterranean and Irish food. Its food tastes excellent and, on top of this, it is cheap.

Further options

Dublin also boasts a huge array of pubs that serve carvery lunches or sandwiches at affordable prices.

Like so many aspects of tourism in Dublin, through thorough research eating out need not necessarily be too expensive. There are cheaper and still excellent options available, for those willing to research and keep their eyes peeled for the great budget deals that are available.