The Four Courts Hostel

The Four Courts Hostel won a 2013 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. This award was richly deserved: this backpackers’ youth hostel has a huge array of amenities and is excellent value for money too. It is also in a wonderful location.

Where is the Four Courts Hostel located?

Despite being called Four Courts it is actually across the river from that particular Dublin attraction. However, this means as you step out of the hostel’s door you have a wonderful view across the river towards those old law courts which are still Ireland’s main law courts. A short hop across O’Donovan Rossa Bridge from the North side to the South, and you will be able to see the hive of activity that surrounds the courts all day and into the evening as lawyers and barristers take recess and discuss cases in local bars and restaurants. The Four Courts Hostel backs onto the Medieval Quarter of Dublin and is also really close to Temple Bar. If you have just come off a ferry from the UK to Dublin then you may find this hostel is a bit far from the coach drop-off point which is at Busaras. Isaac’s Hostel on the Northside is a better choice for a first night in Dublin for those just off the ferry. However, the Four Courts Hostel is an excellent choice for the rest of your stay. Many people choose to switch youth hostel or stay in a few during their trip to Dublin, and Four Courts is a great choice.

What makes the Four Courts Hostel good value?

If you are touring Dublin with a friend then it is possible to book a double room for only 24 Euros each. 48 Euros for a twin shared room per night is up there with some of the best value accommodation in the whole of Dublin. To book a room in a 12 or 16 man dorm costs 15 Euros per night which is also pretty good value and includes add-ons such as free breakfast (stale toast and weak tea in most hostels).

If you are visiting Dublin for 1 week and are on a tight budget then a good choice would be the weekly deal. This good value option is really cheap at only 85 Euros and includes free breakfast, laundry, a walking tour, and luggage storage. If you choose this option you will be staying in a fairly large dorm, but it will help you to save money for potentially more important things like sightseeing and visiting Dublin’s numerous attractions.

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